Find Services in your area by calling 2-1-1. If it is not available, visit our regional call center page.
Use the Metro DC 2-1-1 website and find the services you need.
Update or add your service to the Metro DC 2-1-1 website.
Regional Call Centers

Information and Referral (I & R) Services

If you would like a trained referral specialist to help you locate a needed human service or agency, call one of these:

Dial 2-1-1 any time (24/7) if you are calling from within one of the following:

Prince George's County
Frederick County
Baltimore City and County
Lower Eastern Shore
Washington, DC

For information on other areas, or from outside the above areas, call one of these (24/7 unless other hours are noted):

First Call for Help, UWCM (statewide) (410) 685-0525
...or within Maryland  (800) 492-0618
Community Crisis Services (Prince George's County) (301) 864-7161
Frederick County Hotline (301) 662-2255
Montgomery County 24/7 Hot Line Number
(301) 738-2255

Washington, DC
2-1-1 Answers, Please!, Human Services (202) 463-6211

2-1-1 VIRGINIA (24/7 statewide) Dial 2-1-1
...or call  (800) 230-6977


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